HTML5 + Quake2 = AWESOME!

HTML5 is still a work in progress and some browsers can’t do what others can at the moment.  List for geeks:  Comparison_of_layout_engines:  HTML5.  An example for the not so geeky:  Chrome and Safari allows HTML5 video streaming on Youtube while Firefox does not.  While this will all change in good time, a great show of HTML5′s potential has been shown.  A port of a classic game, Quake II, has been made available to play via your web browser!  Freaking awesome!!

It’s all still very beta. Depending on which browser you try(ATM only Chrome and Safari) and it’s version you may experience slow FPS, no sound and screen flickering.

To help minimize fail, before you start to follow the instructions on installing quake2-gwt-port make sure you have the following installed before hand.

  • vorbis-tools
  • lame
  • jdk

Installing JKD before trying to run “./build-dedicated-server” is important.  I thought I had it still installed on my system, and when that failed to build I went, “DUH” and installed it.

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Apache+suEXEC+FastCGI+PHP-FPM+APC - Part 2

Click here: PART 1, if you’ve came to this directly from a Google search or you need to compile the FastASS-CGI combo.

Alright, you should have a working FastASS-CGI Configuration!  Yes, I’ve dubbed it FastASS-CGI (Fast, Apache, suexec, suhosin, Fastcgi+PHP-FPM and APC)  Those last three all go to gether which is why I just dubbed it CGI at the end.  If you have a problem with it, well… fsck you.  :P  Hahahaha, joking aside lets get into the deep and dirty portion of this configuration.

This whole part looks relatively easy but took me the longest of all to figure out.  I plan on explaining how exactly everything works in detail, so for those that already know or those just looking for the answer, sorry you’re going to have to push through this and deal with it.

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Apache+suEXEC+FastCGI+PHP-FPM+APC - Part 1

This part 1 is going to focus on the Slackware side of things in order to prep your server to use all of the above.  If you are not running Slackware, don’t nessessarily skip this section, as the configure options for compiling everything are still very important and apply to any distro.  If you already have everything recompiled, installed, etc. I would skim this to make sure (if you were recompiled before seeing this) that you used the options I did or at least are familiar with them so that when I reference them later you can apply them to your setup if you choose different options at compile time.  (Wow, that was a mouth full..(that’s what she said..))  Ha ha ha.

Before we start, lets do a benchmark of our current configuration of apache with php.  Be sure to save the output to comepare it with the end results at the end of Part 2.

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Huge update for a lot of my SlackBuilds

I’ve been running -current ever since the huge list of updates hit the changelog.  With bash 4 out of extra, it’s only a matter of time before -current hit’s stable and everyone is on it.  Because of this, it requires many of us who build sloppy SlackBuilds and/or missed things (I’m guilty of this), to go back and fix them because bash 4 says, “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU”!!!!!

The two major things I’ve ran into with my builds and other builds are:

  • Man pages.  There were no man pages to copy but the line to do so was there.
  • The “strip” lines not having “|| true” at the end.  Read more here, @ #19.

I have fixed, updated and tested the following packages all on Slackware13, Slackware64-13 and Slackware-current:

frei0r, goocanvas and pygoocanvas

These packages only needed the two above fixes.  frei0r will probably not receive a version change unless a huge bug is found or something stops working etc. etc.


The MLT Framework got an update to 0.5.2 besides the above fixes.

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mlt and openshot slackbuild updates

Thanks to Dominic for emailing me about the mlt and openshot build issues.  I’ve corrected the problems and submitted the updates to

In the mean time you can grab the builds from my site.  I’ve also added two sbopkg queue files that you can download to make the whole process easier.  I suggest checking out, and (hint, ffmpeg queue lives there).

Slackbuilds section up and running

Well big thanks to Dive for giving me his layout for his Slackbuilds directory index listings.  I thought that it was very smooth and clean looking, makes fancy indexing look like ass.  So thanks Dive, it’s much appreciated.

Slackbuilds link is under the Slackware menu.  Or on the side panel.  Some of these may wind up on, some may not.  If they don’t it’s more than likely because I chose not to submit it.  Or in the case of my bacula script because it needs to be broken up into two scripts to do clients and servers.  Figured I’d leave it to do both in case anyone or myself would want to use that in the future.

If I update a buildscript I will make a post about it so that it’s easily known.  If you’d like me to update one of my scripts, shoot me an email.  Same with if you are having any problems building said package.

Extra dep’s to go along with Farsight2

***UPDATE*** 1/15/2010
It’s been a while since I’ve tested the whole V&V with pidgin but I remember that installing these packages did not fix my problem.  Still had issues with V&V working on one end and not the other, the suddenly stopping.  It has a was to go.  Maybe these have become more part of farsight2 now though who knows.

A few of us in the ##slackware channel have been working on getting voice and video to work with the latest pidgin release.  However, so far most of our efforts have been in vain.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I can never send the request and get it to work however others can send to me just fine.  I’ve tried all sorts of things on my end, including opening up the whole “world” to the inside of my network… Still nada.

Saw that farsight2 required gupnp-igd.  Here are all the packages I’ve build to SBo standards.
They must be built in this order.

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