Songbird drops Linux support. Did they just lose all their helpful user base?

Yesterday the Songbird Dev’s announced that they will no longer be developing Songbird for Linux.  Not being heavy on music being played from my dusty iPod, I’ve never really explored Songbird much.  I did know that it was very popular as the go to software as an iTunes replacement in the Linux world.  You can also tell that from most of the comments in their blog posting most others felt the same way.

I think we’re all wondering, “Why did they stop developing for Linux but Kept Mac support?”.  Why continue to develop a iTunes replacement on the two operating systems that run iTunes natively?

My guess is that if you are going to buy a Mac, you’re going to use iTunes and nothing else.  You just spent a couple extra thousand more for that Genius bar support, so why would you throw that way for Songbird?  Granted this doesn’t apply to all, but I would guess most.

Windows, windows, windows.

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Palm Pre gains flash ability with 10.1 beta while the iPhone is still left in the dark

Announced with the new Palm Pre WebOS 1.4.0, there will be a plugin available for Adobe Flash 10.1 beta support.  Said plugin is not available yet but will be in the near future.

Now I can wish, with the rest of you, and pray for a slow and painful death for adobe flash when html5 is finally released but I really doubt that it will happen.  More and more I’m seeing custom flash API’s being implemented and I doubt anyone is going to want to change that when HTML5 comes out.  Though I can’t read into the future and say one way or the other, I think we will see a good mix of HTML5 video and Flash on popular streaming video websites.

This is really disappointing for us iPhone users out there though.  I don’t want to be restricted to just YouTube content, I want to be able to view whatever with my phone.

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Quit quitting on quitting google

Yes, that’s right.  Quit trying to quit Google.

I’ve been reading a few articles lately that are suggesting that you should quit Google, some that don’t give a good reason and others that give no reason at all.

Before I continue on there are a few things we must clear the air with.  I’m not trying to convince you to stay with Google.  If you want to leave, so be it!  I’m not against other options but some of these options just aren’t that great and you are probably worse off using them.  If you are wanting to quit Google because they are becoming “too large”, please put your tin foil hat on now and walk away.  You use the Internet for fsck sakes, it’s like spreading your seed where ever you go.


I’ve seen lots of recommendations to Bing and Yahoo.  I haven’t used those sites for years, there’s a reason for that.  Google rocks their tubsocks off.

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