How to potentially recover lost data from an iPhone


Well I updated my iPhone to 4.3.1 and ran into some issues.  I was jailbroken on 4.0.1 with greenpoison, was having a few issues with random crashing and stuff so I thought that I’d update to see if it fixed it.  I sync’d my phone with iTunes before all of this as well, apparently it didn’t save anything though since I restored to a point a year ago.

I’ve been trying to scourer the interwebs for anything that will help, but a lot of help is scattered between a lot of posts from multiple forums.  I figured that while it’s still fresh on the brain that I’d try to share what I’ve found and the results I’ve had.

Recovery Programs

Everything I found had a price tag associated with it or it was for an operating system that I do not own.  The most useful was the iPhone backup extractor by reincubate.  It still has a price tag on it but, I was able to go into expert mode and pull out my address contact database list from my backups to see if anything was hiding or set to not show…  something like that.  I guess if iTunes had taken a backup/sync of my device properly it would have been useful.

With that said, I would shy away from most of the other programs you may come across out there in your searches.  I’ll make a list of the trust and don’t trust programs that I found at the end of this post.


Recovering the data straight from the iPhone

While for me I think it might be a stretch if it works, I wrote over my iPhone drive a few times seeing if the other backups contained more info than the last, I created a cloned image on my drive.  It’s still currently in the process of that right now but the first part I pulled down did recover a bunch of deleted data… unfortunately none of it is what I want.  Still waiting for the user drive to finish coming down so I can see what might be salvageable there.  This is where I beat my head for a while trying to find the right answer, so here is the break down.

Small note, I run Linux so I already have all of these tools available to me.  Most of these are already included in with MacOS and can be installed for Windows, however I have no clue how to install them if you’re missing whatever tools I mention.

  • You need to have your phone already jailbroken.  If you don’t, here’s a good site with some tutorials: .
  • Avoiding trying to have any more extra data be written to the phone than we need, turn on airplane mode.
  • Install OpenSSH through Cydia and reboot your phone.
  • Plug your phone in via usb to your computer.  We’re going to setup the transfer via USB so it’s quicker.  I found having WiFi on that, i had to set my phone to not auto lock and always be one which was annoying and I didn’t feel real comfortable doing for a long time.
    • Open up a terminal.  I have a few terminal tabs going to make it “easier”.  :D
    • Run, sudo iproxy 2222 22  .  This will route a ssh session for localhost to the iphone.  iproxy was pre-installed for me on Slackware.

Part 2 will show how we can begin to get a raw image of the drive data.

(coming soon)

Ultimate Trig Cheat Sheet

Enjoy.  Feel free to download and pass this out as much as you want.  If you notice something wrong, let me know and I’ll get it fixed.

Download Trig Cheat Sheet

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Click here to download


Wow, lots to talk about right?  YES!  Lets sumerize.

  • I’m ok from my skydiving incident
  • I’m cancer free for now, and I believe forever (well at least anything having to deal with my testicles).
  • Rocky, my male dog, has cancer.  :(
  • I started school in the summer of 2010 and am currently pursuing BS degrees in Astrophysics, Physics and Applied Math with a goal of going to grad school for Astrophysics.

Ya, wow… I know right?  My first full semester I received a 4.0 gpa!  Other than Rocky getting cancer, everything has been going really well.  I really enjoy school and I’m looking forward to my future career change.  My past experiences can only help me so long as i allow them to, and I have no fear that they wouldn’t do that already.

This semester has been a bit hectic though, my calculus teacher doesn’t really speak to me in a language that I understand and chemistry is all new but also happening too fast.  I wish the UofU would just break the chemistry into 3 parts like calculus.  It really is just too much to take in at once.  I also wish my professor was interested in vesting more time to the students but thats mostly due to the fact he has to deal with a 250+ class size.

All in all though, I have been more happy with my life than I have been ever.  With that said, the sites theme doesn’t really fit my plans or my current ‘occupation’.  I’m no sysadmin anymore, nor do I intend to ever be one again.  So expect the content to say, same content to be posted since I remain mostly active within the linux community but anticipate new content dealing in the cosmos!

I hope my followers are as excited as I am.  Just don’t expect it daily is all.  I am working on a inspirational video, I hope to piece it all together soon…..however I wont be able to post it here since ad’s are associated with my blog, but I will post a YT link in the future leading to it.

Blue skies!

My Testicular Cancer Story – Update 3

Well went to the appointment on Monday and basically heard everything about my options that I had already found answers for by doing research.  My pathology report was updated and apparently less than 1% of Teratoma was also found.  While it’s less than 1%, teratoma is not one that you want to have because it doesn’t respond to chemo and is only curred through removal.  Good thing I’m doing the RPLND then.  I am a perfect candidate for it because of my staging.  There is a possibility that chemo not cure me and that the cancer will come back.  Chemo will also put me out for 3-4 months depending on the type of treatment, well more like zombify me for that long.  I don’t think I could do school like that.  RPLND will suck for the first few weeks of recovery but after that I’m done (hopefully).  There is a slight chance I may need chemo afterwards, but this all depends on my lymph node’s pathology.

So the big date is July 6th unless, when I get to talk to an Oncologist finally, he or she conveniences me other wise.

My Testicular Cancer Story – Chapter 2

Well I had the orchiectomy on May 20th.  Everything went well, although it did take me an extra hour to fully awaken.  Liz(Kim aka my wife), was stuck in the waiting room for 3 hours, 1 hour surgery 2 hour wake up time.  They told her in the beginning someone will come get her when I’m out but no one did.  Kinda lame.  When I could finally get up and into a wheel chair they wheeled me out to her and I remember how happy she was to finally see me.

So they didn’t prescribe me any anti-nausea medicine, and taking the lortab didn’t help relieve any pain and made me so nauseas that I felt even worse with pain.  So I stopped taking it because I have an appointment on the 21st which was originally scheduled for the checkup for after I would have been with antibiotics BUT I figured I’d use it to get some new pain med’s.  So I got some anti-nausea, percocet and morphine.  YEY.  Morphine didn’t help that much, made me feel extremely weird so I stuck to the percocet.  That was my life savor right there.

I was walked just in a couple of days, but not much.  By Monday I was doing well enough to grab my books and go to school.  That week took me a while to walk to class, probably double the time but I did it.  I had mostly winged my self off the pain meds at this point but occasionally had a foggy head and couldn’t concentrate that well in class, but other than that it wasn’t too bad.

I believe I remember calling the VA nurse line on May 25th to see if my pathology results had come back, and they did!  That was quick considering I was told it would be 5-7 days.  The nurse said she would contact the urologist who ordered to call me to explain the results.  Never happened.  Later that week, on Thursday, I started having a lot of pain.  I found the source to be this “stump” i felt in my scrotum.  Called the VA, explained what was going on because I thought that it might be a hernia.  Urologist calls me back and quickly dismisses it.  This is great except i felt like he thought that it was a pointless call and he was real quick to dismiss everything i said or tried to explain what it felt like.  He then offered to tell me my pathology reports just as i was about to ask.  YEY!

He told me that I have 70% seminoma and 30% non-seminoma(Embryonal Carcinoma).  He also said we will need to talk about sperm banking and lymph node dissection.  After a bit of research I found that the lymph node dissection is called RPLND.  It doesn’t sound like fun, but then again none of this is.

Last few weeks have been mentally hard on me.  It’s hard to focus on the good instead of the bad because it seems there is just so much more bad than good.  I know that it could be worse but trying to imagine that reality is hard for me right now.  My next appointment is the 7th of June.  I should find out a bit more about the pathology results then.

My Testicular Cancer Story - Chapter 1

I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer on May 4th 2010.  I’ve only told some people and didn’t tell others.  If you are just finding out about this, I’m sorry and it’s not that I was trying to keep this from anyone but I really wanted to be able to inform people and answer questions that anyone might have but I can’t do that when I’m asking those very same questions.

Today was an important day because the ball is finally rolling.  I met with my Urologist today and he answered some of my fears with “More than likely it’s not” type of answers, which is very good.  The tumor is located on my right testi and has attached itself to my bloodstream.  What this means is that my right testi must be removed and then sent to a lab to see what type of cancer it is.  Depending on the type will determine the type of treatment I will receive afterwards.  The other thing that is dictating the type of treatment is if the cancer has spread anywhere in my body.  I have some lumps on my chest and neck.  A CT scan was done earlier this week and the lumps don’t appear to be cancerous and the Urologist felt the lumps on my neck and he said that usually when this type of cancer has spread that it isn’t where my lumps are and would be more likely to be located near or around my collarbone.  The unfortunate thing about the CT scans is that I had an allergic reaction to the CT fluid which seized my body and made it difficult to breath.  I have yet to get a good answer from anyone on if not being able to take this fluid is really inhibiting their ability to determine if the cancer has spread or not.  I did have another CT scan today which covered my entire mid section.  I should hear about the results by the 18th or 19th.

My surgery is on May 20th.  5 to 7 days from there is when we will find out what type of cancer cell this is.  With this information plus the CT scan of my midsection, they will be able to determine the type of treatment.  The two types of treatment are radiation and chemotherapy.  The more common result is chemotherapy from what I researched.  Either method I will get the chance to put my boys in the freezer because while the surgery doesn’t effect my fertility, either treatment types do.

I plan on updating everyone through this blog, so if you want to know what’s happening be sure to follow it or just look on my twitter or facebook for a new update.  Whenever I write here, it gets Buzzed, Twittered and Facebooked automatically.

My experience and suggestions for anyone else going through this

My experience through this has been a bit rocky.  I wont lie, it’s a bit of a mind fuck.  When I was at the doctors the general physician was squeezing my nut so hard it hurt(the physician was female, so she doesn’t know any better) and prescribed me antibiotics for two weeks.  She also put in a consult for my ultrasound, two weeks out, and urology, four weeks out.  I felt that was a bit absurd.  This is the 21st century and we have the technology to find these problems fairly quickly and completely painless.  Because I am a Vet I am afforded a bit more luxury to medical treatment.  Since she put in the consult I went up to the ultrasound department and explained my situation and asked if they could fit me in, and they did.  This was the best thing I did for myself.  I suggest anyone else going through the same thing to do this as well if they are being put off as if it’s an infection.  While testicular cancer is very treatable, 98% survival rate, it still is not something to hold off on.  Those two weeks could mean that you could have avoided doing chemo.  So sure as shit, there is this huge mass on my testicle.  You should have seen her face when I went back down there.  Needless to say she canceled my antibiotics.

After that, they had me go to x-ray.  My x-ray’s showed two masses on my lung (can’t remember which side ATM).  So I did a CT at that point.  Well let me back up.  Once they told me they saw these two masses on my lungs, I went into panic mode.  The research I’d done thus far said that if it’s gotten there that’s when your survival rate drops and that the cancer spreads much faster.  So remember I told you about the reaction to CT fluid?  Well, they have me go back to do a chest CT scan.  The tech there started ripping on me.  Mind you all of this, the ultra sound, xray and CT scan are done in one day with all this news and crap I was pretty much hanging my head low and in a dark place.  This CT tech harassed me about not knowing my actual condition to what happened with my allergic reaction with the CT fluid, as it’s really helpful in finding cancer that’s spread.  I tried to explain to him what happened but he just kept being a fucking ass wipe to me.  Telling me how I need to fix this and do that and blah blah blah.  I was pretty down and out at the moment and normally would have told him to fuck off, I just took it and left.  I really hope that no one else has to experience that on what could be one of the worst and most emotionally draining experiences in their life.

From there it’s been a waiting game.  I didn’t have a doctor call me back the next day or the day after telling me my CT results.  I got a letter… yes, a fucking letter.  It basically just said that they are lymph nodes.  No details besides that.  I also had blood work done that same day of the CT scan.  No call about the results of that either.  Gah!  Then my Urologist appointment is one month out!  Luckily I was able to beg enough to have them push the appointment up.  So from here on out it seems like the ball will be rolling and things will happen as they need to.

I just want everyone to know that I’m not dying nor do I think I will die.  It’s just the Larsen luck and it sucks to have to go through this, but I will and I will be fine.  With that being said…. To my Marine family, I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the reunion.  This is probably the worst thing for me to deal with right now because I have wanted nothing more since the beginning of this year than to see all of you again.  Maybe things will change and will allow me to go.  I will pay anything for a ticket to get up there but it all depends on what really happens after the surgery.

I love you all and I will post again once there is new news to be said.

Google Adsense Summary 1.0.3

Fixed a few bugs and changed a temp file location.  Updating is highly recommend.  The prior versions were making a ton of temp files in your temp directory that weren’t getting deleted out.  Please search your web hosting server for files that begin like “adsense_” and delete them all.

Temp files are now created in the google adsense summary plugin directory for easier troubleshooting should the event arise that we might not want to delete the cookie so we can troubleshoot the problem at hand.

Dislocated my shoulder during free-fall today.

Myself, Brandon, Carrie and another guy who’s name I can’t remember went to do a four way star today.  When we left the plan we were a bit unstable, it wasn’t too bad and it felt like we were going to correct it.  I was trying to help by pushing Carrie away from me so she could get more belly down but she ended up whipping in the opposite direction.  Because I was holding her grippers extra tight trying to push her away, when she twisted it dislocated my right shoulder instantly.

At this point I was pretty much in a lot of pain.  I tried to pull my main but I couldn’t get my arm to grab the hacky so I pulled my reserve around 7k-6k feet.  Under canopy now, I really had to push away the pain so I could steer towards the landing zone.  At 1k feet, I unstowed my steering toggles so I could flare and have a softer landing because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand it.  When I did it, I had bit of trouble pulling the toggle out on my right side which caused me to go in a bit of a low turn.  While at first this was a bit scary, it was the best thing to have happened because it put me against the wind to land which really helped me in having a soft landing.  Only problem is I couldn’t steer away from the concrete runway pullout.  Landing was fairly soft so, landing on the concrete wasn’t too bad.

Within a couple minutes Brandon was over to my aid along with Carrie’s husband who was also filming us.  Along with those two and Jack once he got there, they helped me get my rig off and I was then able to walk them through helping me putting my shoulder back in my socket.

In the end it was a great skydive because I’m still here.  :D  Just a hard lesson to have been learned on my end.

Went to the VA, X-ray’s didn’t show any broken bones.  They gave me some Lortab but so far, it hasn’t helped with the pain.  I just took two more, and if it’s still not helping I’ll just give them a call and hopefully get something a bit better.

I’m going to try and avoid the surgery route so I can skydive the rest of this season but we’ll see once the ortho doc’s give me a call and we find out how bad it really is from an MRI.

For those that are currious, here’s a video I found that is pretty close to what we were trying to do in the skydive.  Unfortunately Brandon’s camcorder got turned off before the jump and didn’t get any of it on tape.  :(

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s actual footage of me and Brandon on Friday doing a horny gorilla.

YouTube Preview Image

3 out 4 beer batches were still good!

So last October 20th I brewed 4 5Gal beer batches in a row.  I really didn’t even finish in the same day.  Anyways, I got busier and busier with work and kept putting it off to keg them.  It then go really cold and I didn’t want to freeze outside while trying to clean kegs and figured that it’d be cold enough that it would suspend the yeast so that the beer wouldn’t get ruined over the winter.  Well, today a friend of mine and myself kegged all four batches.  We tasted them all too.

Pilsner, Hefe, and the IPA were all great.  Flat, but still good.  They tasted how they should without carbination and didn’t give off any funny flavors.  The stout on the other hand was.. well..  rancid.  It first smelled like rotten millk, to me at least my friend didn’t smell it like that.  We each took a mouth full, swished it around and swallowed.  Followed by spitting out whatever we could.  As I write this, I can still smell it as if it’s around me.  /shutter…

My friend works at a brewery and he is taking a sample of the stout in and is going to ask the lab tech to test it and see what’s in there.  Maybe it’s still salvageable, but i doubt it.  Over all, I’m happy with 3 of them being good.  I’ll let you all know what turns up in the stout once I find out.  Should be pretty interesting.  :D :D

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XKCD Rules!

One of the email lists I am apart of started bitching about how XKCD sucks.  Two predominate people stood out, one against XKCD and the other Pro XKCD.  It was such a worthless argument, almost as worthless as this post.  I did spend some time making fun of them though using a XKCD comic!

Enjoy!  Referenced Comic

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